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H.F. Cunningham

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Remnants of Blood is a book stuffed to the brim with snarky sarcasm, puns, action, court intrigues and *pining* LGBT+ idiots. Not convinced yet? Let me elaborate. This is a YA queer fantasy, with strong, cutthroat and headstrong girls who know what they want and how to fight for it.

Cunningham created an exceptional cast of characters for her debut series; a snarky peasant, a haughty princess, bad guys you will want to murder yourself and incredible, well developed side characters you will absolutely be rooting for. The immense detail that goes into these characters amazed me, especially because it appears to be so effortlessly done.

While on the topic of world-building, I have to applaud the vivid imagery Cunningham conjures up in her book. It draws you in and holds you captive and makes these scenes almost film-like.

Finally, if you are a fan of fantasy, court intrigues, queer characters and a good old enemy to lovers trope, I can only urge you to put this on your TBR pile and read this book ASAP!

  “With a sharp wit, sharper tongue, and a healthy disregard for authority, Tannin Hill sets a new standard for YA protagonists. She is put through the wringer through the events of the novel, where every safety blanket she finds is ripped away from her, sometimes through no fault of her own. Having said that, Tannin incites a lot of her troubles through her recklessness and headstrong nature but maintains her good humour through it all. She is a joy to engage with; a beautifully flawed character who perfectly embodies the tumult of her way of life and what she discovers about herself. Her quips often made me laugh out loud, while her actions often made me whisper, “Tannin, no.” She goes through things no seventeen-year-old should and comes out fighting at every turn. What do you say to the girl who’s lost everything? Although rooted in the realm of fantasy, Tannin’s story is an inspiration for anyone fighting a losing battle in an unfair world. Also, on a personal note, I found her experiences with trauma and symptoms of panic to be both incredibly relatable and expertly written.

Tannin’s dynamics with the diverse supporting cast were so realistic and a wonder to read. Flint and Tannin’s friendship felt safe in the hands of the author: no compulsory heterosexuality to be found here. Speaking of which, who could forget the stunning queer love story Tannin becomes embroiled in. I genuinely shed tears at how beautiful this relationship was, with a level of stark realism that deeply conveyed how messy, passionate and special LGBTQ+ romance is. The pining. Oh Gods, the PINING.


HF Cunningham has a real talent for bringing fantasy to life and Tannin’s no hold barred dialogie, gift for comedic timing and outright Scottish sass had me laughing out loud.”


“This book had me constantly on edge and at times I physically couldn’t put it down.”

There aren’t a lot of wlw books out there, let alone good ones. This one was amazing! This YA fantasy novel did not bore me for a second. It really kept me on the edge of my chair. I can’t believe this is a debut book because it was brilliant.