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Hi, I’m h.f. cunningham

An indie author of the YA/NA Fantasy persuasion.

I’m from Scotland but I’ve been living in Germany for a few years now. I actually studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer in the automotive industry for a few years before realising that it was never what I wanted to do.

I always wanted to write. So I did!

I’ve always loved reading fantasy as an escape from the real world and I am exceptionally excited that now I get to create my own. I love a plot that I can get lost in and characters that I still think about long after I’ve finished a book.

Fantasy as a genre is my one true love but I’ll still pick up sci-fi, thrillers and basically anything with lesbians in it.

This summer I will be on a panel at the Cymera festival in Edinburgh called Faerie Tales with HF Cunningham and Caroline Logan. Don’t miss out! If you can’t come in person you can watch the whole thing online live and also afterwards!


Fun facts

I speak German! Mein Deutsch ist wunderbar!

My bookshelf is entirely unorganised. Not alphabetical, not by author…I live my life in chaos.

I like tattoos. Not saying how many I have planned though because my mother will read this…

I love both cats and dogs. I grew up with dogs but I now have an obscenely fluffy cat

I’m gay. Like, really gay.