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Hi, I’m h.f. cunningham

An indie author of the YA Fantasy persuasion.

I’m from Scotland but I’ve been living in Germany for a few years now. I actually studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer in the automotive industry for a few years before realising that it was never what I wanted to do.

I always wanted to write. So I did!

I’ve always loved reading fantasy as an escape from the real world and I am exceptionally excited that now I get to create my own. I love a plot that I can get lost in and characters that I still think about long after I’ve finished a book.

Fantasy as a genre is my one true love but I’ll still pick up sci-fi, thrillers and basically anything with lesbians in it.

Fun facts

I speak German! Mein Deutsch ist wunderbar!

My bookshelf is entirely unorganised. Not alphabetical, not by author…I live my life in chaos.

I like tattoos. Not saying how many I have planned though because my mother will read this…

I love both cats and dogs. I grew up with dogs but I now have an obscenely fluffy cat

I’m gay. Like, really gay.