A queer myth-inspired fantasy author with a love of the morally grey.

H.F Cunningham is the author of
Remnants of Blood (out now)

Remnants of Power (1st June 2023)

My favourites

The “villain” gets the girl. Loved it. The ending of this book was exceptional and I loved Alyce as a character and that she wasn’t afraid to be hilariously petty sometimes and when she got in touch with her true power it was incredibly satisying.
The best part of this Ancient Persia inspired book is the growth of the main character as she comes to understand and accept herself. Also Parvaneh was a truly interesting side character and I kind of want a spin off about her
Sword wife. Need I say more? Not really but I will anyway – this is a truly unique book and the LAYERS. oh my. At first glance it is as it sounds – lesbian necromancers explore a haunted palace in space – but there is so much under the surface and also…sword wife.

Sapphic fantasy

The BigBoi of sapphic fantasy – an instant classic with exceptional world building. It takes a little to get into but it is worth it and I got completely lost in this world. Also there’s dragons.
In this world where Automata rule and humans are their subjects – what happens when a human girl sent to kill the princess falls for her instead?
“I’m meant to marry the prince but goddam his sister is FOINE” is basically this plot and I loved it. Also forbidden fire magic.
A ravenous dark tide demands a sacrifice and when the main character takes the place of the boy she loves, she finds that the evil queen really isnt so bad after all
Fae, fury and monsters. A group of queer kids try and solve murders and try not to die. There was a weird DnD dice thing going on in this one that I didn’t really get
DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY! Cinderella died a long time ago and now young girls are supposed to follow her example of obedience and subservient to find their prince charming and this girl is having none of it.

books by indie authors

Quests, queers and a delicious corruption arc. Fans of DnD will love this one

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